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Here are the Richard Digance documentaries scheduled for the first quarter of 2021


WEEK 1 – The Dancing Poppy 

During World War Two only one entertainer was killed in action whilst entertaining the troops. She was a young dancer, Vivienne Fayre, killed when her army truck hit a land-mine, and this is her story.

WEEK 2 – Next To Me

On July 7th 2005 a terrorist exploded a bomb on the London Underground. Singer/songwriter Terry Hiscock happened to be standing next to him and this is his incredible story of survival.

Songs written by Terry Hiscock, guitars played by Terry and Richard Digance.

WEEK 3 – Britannia Crawls The Waves

What happened to the world’s cruise ships during the 2020 lockdown?

Featuring Janet Dowd on vocals and Tom Leary on fiddle

WEEK 4 - The Elephant Man

The story of Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man

WEEK 5 - To Look For America

The story of Bartholomew Gosnold who led the first English Settlers to America over a decade before The Pilgrim Fathers. This is the story of how he created Jamestown. Written by Richard Digance and Eric Sedge and featuring Tom Leary

WEEK 6 - Banksy Meets John Constable

Who is this folk-art hero, Banksy, as we compare him with John Constable?

WEEK 7 - The Ronnie Rainbow Show

A vintage pre-digital documentary, thus the quality, about a failed entertainer after World War Two. All songs written by Richard Digance

WEEK 8 - The Woodstock Brits

An insight into the British performers at Woodstock and what happened to them.

WEEK 9 – Goodbye Upton Park

The repercussions of making a famous football team homeless. Richard was born in West Ham and they took his childhood memories away. Not so much a football documentary but more a historical document.

WEEK 10  - Nostalgia

Back in the days of Captain Cook did you know nostalgia was classed as an illness in The British Navy? Narrated by Rosie Digance. Musicians; Richard Digance, Vicki Hobbs, Chris Ricketts.

Excuse the bumps, this was recorded years ago.

WEEK 11 - Fatty Arbuckle

The story of a Hollywood icon who fell from grace, script and songs written by Richard Digance

Featuring Richard Digance, David Dinnage, Julie Thomas, Matt Black, Vicki Hobbs, Hayley Oliver

WEEK 12 - The Great Train Robbery

In 1963 it was considered the crime of the century. This documentary tells of the mistakes they made that led to their capture.

WEEK 13 – After 1966

What happened to the 1966 World Cup heroes and their medals?

Featuring one of those eleven heroes, Alan Ball

WEEK 14 - Tony Hancock

Behind comedy there is often tragedy, none more so than in the life of comedy legend Tony Hancock

WEEK 15 - The Crab Wars

The folk opera telling the story of the wars between two Norfolk families

WEEK 16 - John Constable

The story of Britain's greatest landscape painter

WEEK 17 - Florence Nightingale and The 2020/21 Lockdown

The coincidence that the NHS were called to fight their greatest ever fight the very year that celebrated the 200th Anniversary of their founder Florence Nightingale

WEEK 18 - Vintage Vin Garbutt

Feauring vintage recording of Britain's greatest ever folk entertainer who died in 2017

WEEK 19 - The Support Act

Richard supported many big names as he did his musical apprenticeship. This is his insight on all of them

WEEK 20 - The Dave Mattacks Story

Highly respected ex Fairport Convention drummer tells how he worked with Paul McCartney and Beatles producer George Martin

WEEK 21 - Salisbury Secret Spifire

In World War 2, 400 women secretly assembled Spitfires in farms, garages and shops, away from the prying eyes of the German Air Force. This the story of Betty Baldwin